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Packaging DesignHow do you know what questions to ask when designing new packaging?  We all have an opportunity to see the finished product when it reaches the retailer, but what steps took place to launch the packaging the way it appears on the shelf?  Sometimes, important details are missed because the right questions were not asked.

Over the next several posts, I will offer important questions that assist in ensuring the right packaging is designed.  If packaging already exists, these same questions can be used for packaging that will be redesigned as well.

Understand the product:
The first step in designing packaging is to understand the product(s) you are packaging.  There are times when the product will limit some types of packaging designs.  Asking the right questions will help identify this early on and give a clear understanding on the available options.

Here are some questions to ask when beginning the packaging process:

  • What makes the product unique and are there specific features that need to be addressed?   Glass, food, electronics, and fishing poles all have a different starting point.
  • What is the weight/size of the product?  This will help identify materials for protecting the product.
  • What testing requirements will the packaging go through?  Drop, ship tests, biological, etc.
  • Are there any desired price points for the packaging?  This is an important question.  If you are packaging products that will be sold in a dollar store, your packaging options may limit you since cost will be a key component.
  • What type of security will be needed for the packaging?  Does the product need to be secure or can it be opened for trial in the store?  In many cases, if the retailer allows opening packages, having the product accessible to the consumer will result in less damaged packages.
  • What are the goals of the packaging?  Sustainability, shelf appeal, lower costs, etc.  This is one of the most important questions!
  • Who is the target audience?  This can help determine additional options; such as, easy open features, how product is displayed, font type, etc.

There are many more questions that need to be asked in the initial stages.  Most of the questions asked will have a direct effect on how the product is packaged.  At the end of this series, I will be sending out a complete list of questions to all who are subscribed to my blog.  Visit www.brianpankratz.com and subscribe to this blog if you are interested in receiving the full version.

We also use this with our customers when launching new packaging.  These questions are an important step in the process to ensure the product is packaged correctly to help increase the sales of the product.

For more information on designing packaging for your product, please contact Brian Pankratz at Mercury Plastics, Inc. – bpankratz@mercuryplasticsinc.com.