There is a magical four seconds in retail that every product manufacturer should know about. The “four seconds” is the estimated time that it takes for the average consumer to stand in an aisle looking at product before they extend their hand to make a selection.

Visualize the average consumer walking down the aisle to get a much needed accessory for their cell phone. As they arrive at the sea of choices presented by their local retailer, their eyes scan up and down the different choices. Your product sits among 5-10 others that are similar to yours. After approximately four seconds, the consumers hand strikes and makes a selection. Did they pick yours?

These four seconds are important, especially when studies have revealed that seventy-five percent of the time, whatever the consumer grabs first, they buy.

The goal of the packaging design is to attract attention, something that draws the consumer to put the product in their hands. This does not mean added costs to your design, in most cases newer designs have been created that save money.

Be creative, know what new designs are out there and do your upfront work so that you make the most of every consumer’s four seconds.

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