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Have you ever had the urge to grab a product off the shelf and take a closer look because the packaging was inviting you to?  As consumers sort through different products on the store shelves, engage their curiosity by creating simple features within the packaging design that invite interaction.

What I Am Not Talking About:
Sure…designers around the globe are searching for new and innovative packaging designs with hopes of winning an award to put their company on the map, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about simple features that you can add that speak to the consumer.

Remembering the Simple Things:
This isn’t rocket science, but a simple reminder to add creative features to your packaging to engage the consumer.  Does it always make sense to add one of the features below? – Maybe not.  The packaging designer should understand the product and then design features that highlight the areas that will help to better sell the product.

Simple Features to Add:

–  Touch and Feel holes
–  “Try Me” features
–  Exposed Product
–  Catch Phrases
–  Custom Thermoforming
–  Functioning Packaging

The use of these simple features can create desire and interest for the consumer leading to increased sales.  Although these features are simple, knowing how and when to use them is important.

To learn more about adding simple features into your packaging design, contact Brian Pankratz at Mercury Plastics, Inc. (bpankratz@mercuryplasticsinc.com)

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