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I was very blessed to have a daughter over nine years ago.  When she was born I immediately realized that one of my responsibilities as a father would be to sit through “girly” movies with her.  I remember taking her to the movie Cinderella, sitting next to her and watching her different facial expressions as she watched the movie.  She scowled as the mean step-sister tried to force a fit by stuffing her oversized foot in the glass slipper.  Later, as Cinderella slid her size three foot into the glass slipper creating a perfect fit, my daughter smiled with her head slightly tilted.

Find that Fit!
As a buyer, it is equally important to find the right fit with your suppliers.  Different packaging companies have different capabilities and strengths that can help their customers to be successful.  Certain packaging companies are great at coming up with new and innovative packaging solutions, while others are not.  The important thing is to do your research; suppliers should be able to tell you what their strengths are.

The Dangers of Not Listening:
I respect and appreciate those in business who always lend an ear to listen to a new opportunity.  Good business people understand the need to constantly search for new ideas.  The danger lies with those who close themselves off from ever hearing from others on how to improve what they are currently doing.  I understand the busyness that our jobs bring, but also realize that there is an extremely competitive market out there, so, if you’re not moving forward, you’re going backwards.

You Can’t Force a Fit:
There are usually consequences when suppliers try to force a fit.  The consequences include: poor quality, not being able to deliver on time, increased costs, unmet expectations, etc.  Good Suppliers will make sure to tell you when the fit is not there and buyers need to respect that.  This is why it is also important for buyers to understand the supplier’s capabilities before projects come up so you know who to turn to.

To be highly successful, create a list of suppliers and their strengths, if you have a need that your current supply base can’t fulfill, seek out suppliers who can.  Don’t limit the success of your product by the limitations of your supply base.

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