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Have you ever purchased something because of how it made you feel?  Good marketing dives into our psyche providing emotional attachment when making a purchase.  Studies have shown an increase in sales of 15% when brands reach into the emotions of the consumer.

What emotions come to mind when you here Nike’s 20 year old slogan, “Just Do It.”  Nike sold more product by giving people an emotional adrenaline high of conquering “It”.  The slogan left interpretation for the consumer to replace “It”, with their own personal obstacle.

When designing packaging, look for ways to emotionally connect the consumer to your product.  Words, shapes, colors, and textures ignite emotion and can connect the consumer to your product.

Taking time to plan your packaging design can have a tremendous effect on the success of your product.  Here are a few things to consider when designing for consumer emotion.

Define The Consumer – Since beauty products will demand different emotions than power tools, you need to identify your target consumer.  Men, women, teens, or maybe all ages, this is the first step.

Define The Emotion – What emotion would help the consumer to buy your product?  As an example, think of the person that would go to the Ford dealership and buy a new truck.  With that person in mind, compare Ford’s slogan, “Built Ford TOUGH.”  There is a reason the word “TOUGH” was selected. Good luck finding the word “Elegantly” in your local hardware store!  Go to the boutique across the street if you want to find that word on any packages.

Determine Your Design – Color, shape, size, types of materials, textures, the use of words will all be part of the design and can reach the consumer emotionally at different levels.  Determine these elements and put them together for your final design.

Being able to emotionally connect the consumer with your product in a positive way is important and will yield higher sales.  Take time and define each area specifically for the response desired to connect the product to the consumer.

For additional information or questions, contact Brian Pankratz (bpankratz@mercuryplasticsinc.com)