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Plastic packaging has attracted negative attention over the years for being hard to open?  Retailers want secure packaging for their product.  Manufacturers and packaging designers are in search of packaging that is secure and will not contribute to increased theft rates.

Over the years manufacturers have been blamed because packaging is too hard to open.  Claims of people getting hurt while opening the packaging has created a market where additional tools were created just to get inside the packaging.

As manufacturers, we understand that in some cases, packaging was created difficult to open for a reason.  High theft rates from poor packaging can result in product being pulled from the shelves.  Good packaging serves a purpose for deterring individuals from shop lifting. We are now faced with the challenge of creating a secure package that is also easy to open.

Going forward, there is hope that will change the negative perception of opening packages. New packaging has been developed that offers both security and easy open features.  Packaging that creates a positive experience with the consumer and will get them talking in a positive way about the new packaging design.  Can you imagine packaging that offers security but also “POPS” open?  Easy open features are getting the attention of many manufacturers and praises from many consumers in the market.

New packaging designs have been developed that leave the consumer praising the product because of the positive experience that was created from purchase to product use.  Make opening packages an experience the consumer will not forget.

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