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I had a professor in college that would randomly pause during his lectures and ask the class a simple question, “So what?”  I have to admit, when I first heard him ask it, I thought he was a little crazy, but then I realized why he was asking it and it turned out to be pure genius.

So, what did he mean when he asked, “So what?”  Asking it another way might be, “So, why is the information I am teaching important?” The question was being asked from the student’s point of view, he was helping us to make a personal connection with the information being taught.  Connections like; how can I use the information in the future, how can I benefit from knowing this information, and what types of situations in the future will I need this information were answered to establish a relationship between the information and the individual.

Have you ever asked that about your product’s packaging…“So what?”  Asking this question another way might be, “So, what is so special about my packaging that differentiates it from its competitors?”  Differentiation is one of the most important things you can offer your brand.

Out of our 5 senses, the sense we rely on the most as a consumer is our sight.  As we scan product, our brain registers things we see, it passes over things we have seen before, but when it arrives on something unique, interesting, or maybe colorful, our curiosity is momentarily captured.  When we dare to be different, we attract attention.

There is an appreciation for companies who are innovative and set themselves apart from their competition.  The companies who set themselves apart have done so by personal connections with the consumer.  They have answered the “So what?” question and have found answers that connect the consumer to their product.

Can you answer the “So what?” question about your product?

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