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If you were to create a flow diagram of the tasks in a buyer’s work day, it would resemble a spaghetti dinner (see Figure 1).  A buyer’s day is filled with getting quotes from multiple suppliers, issuing purchase orders, handling design issues, traveling to multiple companies for meetings, setting up deliveries, and the list goes on.  For some buyers, this spaghetti dinner can be hard to digest.

Simplify for savings:
Thankfully, there’s more on the menu than spaghetti .  This past week, Packaging Digest released an article about the how using a packaging supplier who has the capability to be a single source solutions provider can result in major benefits, major benefits that save money and help to reduce the many steps of dealing with multiple suppliers.

There is a list of both benefits and cost reductions associated with working with a supplier who can provide single source packaging solutions.

Cost reductions include:
–  Reduced freight costs
–  Decreased administrative responsibilities, such as; PO’s, setting up delivery appointments, etc.
–  Engineering and design costs reduced

Benefits include:
–  Increased speed to market
–  More focus to products and profitability for manufacturer
–  Less on-hand inventory to manage

A new diagram
Working with a supplier that can provide single source solutions results in a new diagram (see Figure 2), allowing buyers the opportunity to reverse the pattern of having to do more with less, being effective and taking unneeded steps out of their day.

Single source solution suppliers can be the missing link to help manufacturers be successful and profitable in a growing and competitive market.  Utilize the resources of key suppliers and grow your brand and your profit margin.

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