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Week 3Welcome to week 3!  Let’s recap…in week 1, we talked about the Scanning step, creating a package design that attracts the attention of the consumer.  In week 2, we talked about Price, making sure the consumer agrees with your price point.

Step 3:
This week we are going to talk about what happens after the consumer finds your product and then processes the price.  This step is called the Comparison step.

The Comparison Step
In the comparison step the consumer wants to make sure they have selected the best product for their money.  So, even after they find what they like and agree with your price point, the consumer will still compare their choice to make sure their selection is the right one.

It is important to know what role packaging plays in this step.  The way product is packaged can either bring additional value, or give the consumer hesitation in making a purchase.

Things To Think About…
Here are some things to think about when packaging your product:

  • Is your product the highest or lowest priced compared to your competition?
  • How does your competitor pack their product?  If in a bag, a blister pack or clamshell may offer your product a higher perceived value.
  • Does your packaging help the product stand out among the other products?
  • Is your packaging unique?
  • Are the specifications or benefits of your product clearly mentioned?

The Goal
There are many things to think about when creating packaging for products that will be compared to one another.  The goal is to design packaging for your product that has a loud but comforting voice to the consumer.

Each product is different and special consideration should be given to each product before assuming how it should be packaged.  The goal of the comparison step is to offer security to the consumer that your product is better.  Consumers aren’t afraid to spend more money if they know they are getting a better product.  How does your product compare?

For more information on creating packaging that can win the Comparison step, contact Brian Pankratz, bpankratz@mercuryplasticsinc.com.

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