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Do you know the best way to package your product?  Does your product compete on the shelf with other products? If so, you may want to review a recent study that was conducted by Klockner Pentaplast (KP), a manufacturer of plastic films.

Klockner conducted a study to determine how consumers shop for product.  The same product was packaged in both a clamshell and a paper board carton.  The behaviors of shoppers were studied and the results were shared.

Here is what they found:
1.  Product packaged in clamshell type packaging sold on average 400 percent more.
2.  The consumer was able to find their product on average 40 percent quicker when they were able to see the product.
3.  Clamshell packaging maintained attention longer by 343 percent.
4.  Clamshell packages received 675 percent more fixations than cartons.
5.  Clamshell packages were purchased over 400 percent more than the standard paper board carton.

After they shopped
After the participants shopped, they were asked to fill out a general questionnaire about their shopping experience.  Over 88 percent stated that it was important to see the product they purchased.  They also agreed the plastic packaging was higher quality and more tamper-resistant.

My thoughts
I want to take the time to look at this study, not from a plastic film manufacturers point of view, but from someone who designs and manufacturers both clamshell and paper board carton packaging on a daily basis.

What are the main take-aways?
It is clear that when the consumer can see the product, it allows them to get a comfort of what the product is and what they are buying.  The main point of the study is clamshell vs. paper board carton.  One could argue that other types of packaging, such as windowed cartons, sealed or trapped blister packs, etc., may have a different outcome in the study.  Debating this would only get you unanswered questions, just don’t forget the main take-away, show your product!

Even bigger
We all know that packaging is considerably more complex than deciding clamshell vs. paper board carton.  If you have a clear understanding of how consumers shop, you also know that it isn’t only about clamshell vs. paper board carton.  Colors, images, brand recognition, sustainability concerns, etc. play an enormous role on how packaging is designed.

When developing packaging for your product, ensure to explore all your options.  Your packaging designs are only limited by the person designing them.  Engage innovation, creativity, and be different to draw attention to your product and gain the attention of the consumer.

Read Klockner’s full study here.

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