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There are many costs associated with packaging a product.  While the raw materials of the packaging are mainly concentrated on in the beginning stages of development, an equal amount of emphasis should be put on the labor to assemble.

We’ve all been there; right…someone emails a great packaging concept to us for review.  While reviewing the concept on your computer screen, you count 3 different insert cards, a plastic tray which goes inside of a plastic clamshell, an instruction sheet and then let’s not forget about the actual product we are trying to sell along with individual attachments to our product.  You view the quote sheet and it lists all of the components, but where are the labor costs to assemble this masterpiece?

Sound familiar?

Being a designer, printer, thermoformer, and co-packer of packaging components, we place a high emphasis on the cost associated with the assembly of the packaging we design.  Labor costs continue to increase; being able to design packaging that is easy to assemble is a key ingredient to the profitability of a product.

Don’t let it happen to you; be aware of the costs to assemble and seek guidance on any improvements that can be made to take the cost of assembly out.

For further information on if you can remove unneeded costs associated with packaging assembly, contact Brian Pankratz at Mercury Plastics, Inc. (bpankratz@mercuryplasticsinc.com)

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