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If your packaging could talk…what would it say?  What would it say about both you and your company?  Some of us are thinking to ourselves that we’re very happy our packaging can’t actually talk.  A smaller percentage of us wonder what would actually be said.  Regardless of the side that you take with wanting your packaging to talk, there is a sobering truth that lingers.

The Truth
The truth is…packaging does talk.  How we package our products tells a lot about us.  This is consistent with many things in our lives…how we dress, the car we drive, the words we use, etc., all tell a little bit about who we are.  This goes the same for how you package your product.

Write the Script
Determine what you want your package to say.  Certain colors, textures, fonts, and shapes all communicate different messages.  Being unique and creative is essential and will help your packaging to speak loud and clear.

Great manufacturers understand that every detail matters.  If you want to be regarded as a top innovator, your packaging should be as innovative as the product inside.  Doing this gains confidence with the consumer that attention has been given to every detail, even the packaging.  Do consumers notice this?  Absolutely!

Your packaging is talking…did you tell it what to say or is it telling everyone that you are a !@#$%^!

If you would like more information about ways to create packaging that speaks a clear message, contact Brian – bpankratz@mercuryplasticsinc.com.

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